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The Eniblock Wallet SDK, a TypeScript tool paired with our SaaS, simplifies the integration of a blockchain wallet into your application. Users can transact directly on your website without external interfaces or extra account setups. It champions user autonomy with its non-custodial design, giving users full wallet control.

The SDK offers a no-fuss integration process, eliminating the need for external web3 services or API key concerns, handling everything securely on the frontend. Furthermore, it employs advanced MPC algorithms for top-notch security without sacrificing usability.

Eniblock is more than a service; it's a comprehensive, seamless and secure solution.

Key Features

Seamless User Experience

  • Direct wallet creation from your website.
  • No extra software to install, simple social login using your IAM.
  • No external interfaces, no redirects.
  • Gas-less transactions using account abstraction and paymaster (coming soon).

Try it for yourself: Demo.

Cutting-Edge Security

  • Keyless, SPOF-less protection using MPC protocol.
  • Enterprise-grade HSMs for safeguarding distributed secrets.
  • Recovery protocols for all disaster events.

Learn more about our wallet's Security and Compliance.

Seamless Integration

  • All-in-one solution, no additional web3 services to integrate.
  • Non-custodial design, reduces legal complexities.
  • Frontend-focused integration; backend remains untouched, no API key to protect.
  • Seamless connection to your existing user base, no personal information required.

Start Building

  • Get Started: use our React, Vue, or Angular starter apps to jumpstart your project
  • Live Tutorials: learn how to use our SDK with step-by-step tutorials, executable right within your browser