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Get Notified of Incoming and Outgoing Transactions

Monitoring incoming and outgoing transactions is an essential part of many applications that deal with cryptocurrency. This guide will explain how to use the Eniblock SDK to get real-time notifications of transaction events.


Through the Eniblock SDK, you can subscribe to transaction updates for a specific wallet address, receiving notifications for both incoming and outgoing transactions. This can be a powerful feature for providing your users with real-time insights into their account activity.

Subscribe to Transaction Updates

You can easily implement this functionality by using the following example code:


In this code, we create an instance of the wallet and set up a listener for transaction events. When a transaction occurs, the listener function is invoked, and it extracts the relevant details from the event. It then checks if the transaction is incoming or outgoing based on the fromAddress and toAddress and logs the information.

API References

Here are the relevant API references that you may find useful:

  1. Wallet.on() method - Subscribe to transaction events.
  2. method - Unsubscribe from transaction events.
  3. WholeNotification interface - Interface that describes the event content.