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Integrate account TSS signer with Ethers

If you have already implemented wallet functions using Ethers Signer class, you can use Eniblock's Wallet SDK signer seamlessly. Indeed, our SDK implements Ethers Signer, thus maintaining consistency in design and usage with other signers in the Ethers library.

Retrieving the Address and Public Key

The following code snippet shows how to retrieve the address and the public key of your own account.


Message signing and verification with Ethereum stack

This section illustrates how to use the Eniblock TSS signer to sign a message and then verify the signature using the Ethers library. The demonstration involves signing a sample message and then verifying if the message was indeed signed by the correct address.


Sign and send a transaction to an EVM compatible network

The following code snippet demonstrates how to sign and send a smart contract call to an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain, specifically the Polygon Mumbai Network.

Prerequisite: your account has some MATICs


Eniblock SDK API

  1. Account.getSigner() method


  1. signer.getAddress( )
  2. signer.signMessage( )
  3. ethers.utils.recoverAddress( digest , signature )
  4. ethers.utils.hashMessage( message )
  5. new ethers.Contract( address , abi , signerOrProvider )
  6. TransactionResponse