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Select the Network

In this guide, we'll cover how to select and work with different networks using the Eniblock SDK.

Supported Blockchains

The Eniblock SDK provides support for the Polygon Network, ensuring compatibility with all EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based blockchains. Additional network support is on the horizon, so stay tuned!

BlockchainNetwork ID
Polygon Mainnetmatic
Polygon Mumbai Testnetmaticmum

Working with Testnet

Default Network

The SDK is preconfigured to connect to the Polygon Mumbai Testnet by default.

All plans include Testnet support without any extra setup required in the Admin Console.

Instantiating the SDK and Checking the Network

Here's a quick start to verify the connected network:


Working with Mainnet

Set Mainnet as the Default Network

To start working with the Mainnet, configure the SDK as follows:


Switch Networks on the Fly

Important Note

The network parameter is a global setting within the SDK, and any changes to it will impact all related accounts instantly.

To dynamically switch networks:


Free Plan Mainnet Access

Free Plan Limitation

The Free plan includes Testnet access, but using the Mainnet requires personal API configuration.

Configuring Your Alchemy API Key

  1. Sign up or log in at the Alchemy website.

  2. Find your Polygon Mainnet app and select API Key from the Actions column.

    Alchemy app
  3. Copy the API Key presented.

    Alchemy API key
  4. In the Admin Console, paste the API Key into your application settings.

    Admin Console API Key

Setting Up Your Alchemy Address Activity Webhook

  1. On Alchemy, head to Data -> Webhooks.

  2. Secure your webhook by copying the authentication token at the top of the page.

    Auth Token
  3. Back in the Admin Console, input the Alchemy Address Activity webhook details.

    Webhook Parameters

Congratulations, you're now prepared to engage with the Mainnet using your Free account!