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Transfer Native Cryptocurrency

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of transferring native cryptocurrency between two wallets using the Eniblock SDK.

Step 1 - Create a wallet


Step 2 - Top up the wallet

To top up your wallet:

  1. Run the code of the Step 1 section and collect the address of the wallet.
  2. Follow this FAQ entry: How to top up a wallet on the Polygon Testnet?

Step 3 - Check the balance

Verify the balance of your account. After topping up the wallet, you will have the ability to send MATIC tokens.


Step 4 - Send crypto currency and get confirmation

Here we retrieve the wallet, build a transfer transaction, send it to another account of the same wallet and wait for a notification that confirms it is mined. Indeed, a transaction must be mined (i.e. integrated into the blockchain) with enough confirmation blocks to be considered as effective.


API References

  1. Account.sendTransfer() method
  2. TransferParams interface
  3. ISendTransactionOptions interface