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Get Started with the NFT Marketplace


The NFTs Admin enables Administrators to manage the selling and minting process of Tokens on End-users Marketplace platforms.

You can carry out the following key steps (click on the links to jump to the section concerned):

  1. Manage the Organizational Wallet which handles fees related to your Blockchain operations

  2. Manage Assets:

    • Import your Assets
      • Define, verify & update Asset metadata as needed
    • Create & manage Listings to sell to your End-users Marketplace
    • Mint Tokens for purchased Listings
  3. Manage Orders

    • Manage, check and track Transactions, Bids & Orders and End-users


The Login process is carried out via a 2-step authentication process.

  1. Open your website’s Issuer Panel URL admin_login

  2. Enter your email address and password and press Login

    • You will receive an authentication code by email


  3. Copy the code from the email you received and enter

  4. Enter your code and press Login

The NFTs Admin Panel opens directly on the Assets page where you can manage your Assets. nft_admin

Use the Menu at left to navigate through the core features and modules of the Admin Panel: