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Latest updates

2.12.3 Release Note

Fixed Issues

Eniblock NFTs Marketplace

API Improvement

Ticket reference : ENB-1702

The request header Accept-Language is now optional and not mandatory for using the API of core service : api/v1/users/me

2.12.2 Release Note

Fixed Issues

Eniblock NFTs Marketplace

Improved display of listings

Ticket reference : ENB-1695

On primary market and secondary market tabs of the marketplace the price of the listing is now displayed at the end of the card and before the button (bid or buy). This allows a more readable display for the end-users of the marketplace. For administrators it allows to create listings with longer names without losing readability.

Improved display of royalties

Ticket reference : ENB-1696

Royalties are now correctly displayed when an end-user offers one of their NFTs for sale in the secondary market.

Ticket reference : ENB-1697

The logo displayed in your marketplace now respects display constraints that ensure an optimal and proportional display.

Improved display of assets attributes

Ticket reference : ENB-1698

The display of asset properties respects the language constraints chosen by the client: in French or in English.

Improved error messages

Ticket reference : ENB-1700

When an order is placed by an end-user but encounters an error then the error messages have been improved to provide the most accurate information to the user.

2.12.1 Release Note

What's new?

NEW Improvement of the main menu of the Marketplace

Ticket reference : ENB-1681

A button in the main menu of the Marketplace now allows to redirect the end-user to an external link that you can configure.

NEW Improved communication between the Marketplace and Stripe

Ticket reference : ENB-1679

When an end-user places a primary market order on the Marketplace using Stripe then the Order ID is now sent in the transaction metadata on Stripe. This way, you are able to track on your Stripe dashboard the information about the orders placed on your Marketplace. This provides you with better tracking and tracing of your business activities.

Fixed Issues

NFTs Admin

Perform giveway

Ticket reference : ENB-355

The list of registered end-users in the Marketplace is now displayed correctly when you perform a giveway on the admin panel. It is also possible to search for the user by account name in the search bar.

2.12.0 Release Note

What's new?

Improvement of the Eniblock NFTs Marketplace configuration process

Ticket reference : ENB-1424

The customer experience has been improved by allowing an easier configuration of the platform.

Customisable order and filter of the traits

Ticket reference: ENB-1247

  • As an admin, it is now possible to decide which traits should be used as filter in Eniblock NFTs Marketplace

  • As an admin, it is now possible to decide in which order filters are displayed in Eniblock NFTs Marketplace

  • As an admin, it is now possible to decide in which order traits are displayed in listing details page of the Eniblock NFTs Marketplace

Ticket reference: ENB-1254

  • The social network icon is automatically displayed in the footer of the Marketplace when a link is added to the configuration file.

  • If no link is provided in the configuration file, no social network icon is displayed in the marketplace.

Customisable logo redirection

Ticket reference: ENB-1249

  • The top left logo displayed in the Marketplace now redirects the user to a customisable URL.
Customisable mails language

Ticket reference: ENB-1384

  • Automatic determination of the language used in emails sent by the Eniblock NFTs solution to Administrators and End-users based on the browser language.
Customisable theme colors

Ticket reference: ENB-1480

  • It is now possible to configurate the Eniblock NFTs marketplace according to primary, secondary and background colors.
Customisable collection

Ticket reference: ENB-1557

  • It is now possible to configure collections at the asset template level to group assets into categories within the NFTs Marketplace.
Customisable payment methods

Ticket reference: ENB-1665

  • It is now possible to deactivate payment in crypto in Eniblock NFTs Marketplace when configurating the platform.

Improvement of the Eniblock NFTs Marketplace pagination rules

Ticket reference : ENB-968

The customer experience has been improved by allowing a more structured organization of the pagination rules.

Implementation of new pagination rules

Ticket reference: ENB-1549

  • Primary and secondary market tabs : page must have a maximum of 4*3 listings

  • NFTs page is now divided into two sub-sections that allow to consult NFTs owned NFTs put in sale. Each sub-section display a maximum of 4 NFTs.

  • In all the Eniblock NFTs Marketplace, when the end-user selects another page it redirects him on the top of the page.

Export all end-users Orders and Trades in CSV format in Administration panel

Ticket reference : ENB-1058 and ENB-1669

This feature allows you to export via a CSV file all the orders placed in the primary market and all trades placed in secondary market on your marketplace by your users.

Previously only some specific orders could be exported now all orders can be exported.

With this feature, you are able to easily collect the essential financial and statistical data of your marketplace (order amount, date, buyer, payment type, etc.).

Fixed Issues

NFTs Admin

Consult trades

Ticket reference : ENB-1337 and ENB-1599

It is now possible to consult in Eniblock NFTs Admin the list of all trades placed by end-user in secondary market.

Listing creation

Ticket reference : ENB-1302

It is now not possible to create another listing for the same Asset when a listing is in status “coming soon” or “live”.

Ticket reference : ENB-1627

An error message is displayed when an admin try to create an auction listing with a duration that exceeds 7 days in Eniblock Admin panel.

Ticket reference : ENB-1641

It is now possible to create a Listing if the content image differs from the Asset's content image.

Listing display

Ticket reference : ENB-1583

In Eniblock NFTs marketplace end user now sees as “token owner” the product name configured when doing the setup of the application.

Ticket reference : ENB-1604 and ENB-1628

The section “custom information” which was not used and displayed in listing details page has been deleted.

Ticket reference : ENB-1676

When an administrator clicks on “Create” a listing in Admin panel he is automatically redirected to the simple listing creation form page. References to simple bundle or random bundle have been deleted.


Ticket reference : ENB-1648

When a giveaway (ie a manual mint) is made by an Administrator on an asset incorporated into a listing, now the listing is automatically hidden from Eniblock NFTs Marketplace.


Ticket reference : ENB-1350

All emails now display the correct logo in the footer.

Ticket reference : ENB-1670

Some typos have been corrected, especially concerning the wording used in some mails (cryptocurrency withdrawal, winning an auction)

Asset status

Ticket reference : ENB-1562

When an order is canceled in primary market the a fix was made in order to automatically change the assets status from “reserved” to “available”. This fix allow the Admin to list again the Asset or to mint it manually.

Ticket reference : ENB-1619

When an asset has been reserved but not sold, its status automatically changed at the end of the listing period in primary market.

Perform blockchain operation

Ticket reference : ENB-1624

A fix has been made in order to let Administrators to perform each blockchain operation secured with their Ledger key such as “add admin” or “mint manually”).


Ticket reference : ENB-1058

It is now possible to consult in Eniblock NFTs Admin the list of all trades placed by end-user in secondary market.

NFTs White-label Marketplace

Primary market sale

Ticket reference : ENB-1430

A fix has been made in order to let the end-user buy a NFT in primary market that is sold at a fixed price without encountering an error message.

Ticket reference : ENB-1605

A fix has been made in order to let the end-user to buy a NFT in primary market that is sold in english auction via his wallet without encountering an error message.

Ticket reference : ENB-1607

When an end-user places an order in primary market on a fixed price listing he nows see the correct confirmation message.

Ticket reference : ENB-1610

When an end-user places an order via his credit card in primary market on listing he now sees the Stripe checkout instead of an error message.

Secondary market sale

Ticket reference : ENB-1391 and ENB-1449

NFTs are correctly transfered from the seller to the buyer in the secondary market. Seller cannot see anymore his old NFT into his wallet on Eniblock NFTs. Buyer is considered as the owner of the NFT.

Ticket reference : ENB-1402

It is now possible for end-user to consult in the section “MyNFTs for sale” all their NFTs put in sale.

Ticket reference : ENB-1620

Blockchain operation are not in error anymore when transaction fees are missing.

Ticket reference : ENB-1639

When a secondary market listing expired, it is now possible for an end-user to create a new secondary listing on the same token.

Ticket reference : ENB-1672

The confirmation pop-in after putting in sale a NFT in secondary market now disappears once the end-user clicks on “yes” or “no”.

NFTs consultation

Ticket reference : ENB-1441 and ENB-1609

NFTs details are now correctly displayed when consulting the NFTs page in “My NFTs” tab.

Ticket reference : ENB-1637

NFTs put in sale are now correctly displayed in "My NFTs put in sale" section of “My NFTs” tab.

Orders consultation

Ticket reference : ENB-1606 and ENB-1629

In the order details page of an order placed in primary market by an end-user the “history” section was deleted as not relevant.

Ticket reference : ENB-1631

Orders placed by an end-user in primary market via Stripe are not correctly displayed in “My Orders” tab.

Listing consultation

Ticket reference : ENB-1608

When an end-user has already placed a bid on a listing he now still see the “bid” button but must is not able to click on it.

Ticket reference : ENB-1630

When a end-user has already placed a bid on a listing he is now not able to place another bid on the same listing unless his order has been superseded.

Ticket reference : ENB-1635

The “bid” button of an english auction listing is now always display despite the size of the content displayed in the listing page.

Response time

Ticket reference : ENB-1400

The loader of the primary market can now only be seen during a reasonable time.

Ticket reference : ENB-1603

After a sucessful order placed via Stripe in primary market by an end-user, it now takesa reasonable time to display the order in “My orders” tab.

Withdrawal of crypto

Ticket reference : ENB-1473

The amount of the withdrawal fee charged for a crypto withdrawal has been corrected to reflect the real transaction costs of the blockchain.

Ticket reference : ENB-1671

The error message displayed when withdrawing cryptocurrency has been updated.

End-user security flaw

Ticket reference : ENB-1539

A security flaw has been detected in the Accounts API which allows any user of the platform to retrieve the user database containing the email address, the public address of the wallet, the surname and first name.

A patch will has been deployed to correct this flaw and prevent any potential attempt to recover this data.

End-user registration

Ticket reference : ENB-1634

When an end-user creates an account on Eniblock NFTs Marketplace, he now sees colors that are in the theme defined for the Marketplace in the configuration file.


Ticket reference : ENB-1664

Some typos have been corrected, especially concerning the wording used for the sorting on the “Marketplace” tab.

Marketplace filters

Ticket reference : ENB-1675

When there is no more asset incorporated into a listing with a specific trait on the “Marketplace tab”, the trait is automatically removed from the filters of the marketplace.

Known Issues

NFTs White-label Marketplace

Blockchain response time

Ticket reference : ENB-1674

The response time of the blockchain time can be long for some operations in test environment due to testnet instability.

Secondary market

Ticket reference : ENB-1667

After having created a listing in secondary market, an end-user can still see his NFT under the section “My NFTs”. The “sale” button is still visible but not clickable which prevents the end-user from creating another listing whereas his NFT is still put in sale in a first listing.