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Eniblock SDK

Discover our Web3 infrastructure tailored for enterprises and brands, providing an all-in-one SDK solution designed by developers with web2 expertise to streamline your transition into the decentralized web.

Onboard. Engage. Scale

  • Smoothly incorporate a cryptocurrency wallet into your platform, offering a streamlined onboarding process for customers while simplifying access and management of their digital assets.
  • Transform your current Web2 customer base into a dynamic Web3 community by integrating blockchain technologies, decentralized applications, and digital assets, encouraging creativity and interaction within your ecosystem.
  • Enhance your revenue and build brand allegiance by implementing inventive approaches, tailored experiences, and attractive rewards for your customers, nurturing a lasting bond between them and your brand.

Wallet-as-a-Service API

Easily onboard all your users to Web3 with a simple and embeddable wallet JavaScript library.

  • Expand your app's functionality
  • Generate millions of wallets effortlessly
  • Eliminate the need for seed phrases
  • Provide optimal security and privacy
  • Seamlessly integrate with your preferred apps

Token Factory API

A straightforward JavaScript library for rapidly minting, burning, and distributing your tokens to millions of users in just a few minutes.

  • Effortlessly create unique NFT collections
  • Simplify NFT management with a unified JavaScript library
  • Incentivize supporters and increase engagement through exclusive token-gated experiences

Token Market API

Optimize your sales approach with our enterprise-grade Market JavaScript libraries.

  • Establish your NFT marketplace to generate new revenue streams
  • Set marketplace rules for increased profits and streamlined operations
  • Showcase listings and distribute them across leading marketplaces for an extensive reach