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Key features

Wallet-as-a-Service API

MPC - Threshold Signature Scheme

  • Keyless Wallet.
  • No recovery phrase to remember.
  • Self-custodial Wallet: compliant with regulations.
  • Secrets are protected in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSMs.

Easy Onboarding

  • Sign in with any Social login.
  • Nothing to install.
  • Compatible with multiple blockchains starting with Polygon.

Easy to Integrate

  • SDK designed for both Web2 & Web3 developers.
  • Embeds all the Web3 Services under the hood.
  • Plug your own user base.

Token Factory API

  • Coming soon NFT collection creation & minting
  • Coming soon Airdrop & Giveaway
  • Coming soon Integration Web2 core application partner
  • Coming soon Token Gating App Developer Portal

Token Market API

  • Coming soon Fix price and auction listing
  • Coming soon Treasury management


  • Coming soon Web3 core application partner integration
  • Coming soon Auto Scaling APIs
  • Coming soon Smart Contract & Wallet audited