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Latest updates

Release 1.0.0-beta.1

What's new?


  • Introduced existing wallet instantiation (ENS-266)
  • Enabled account creation (ENS-268) and instantiation (ENS-269)
  • Enabled storing and retrieving of wallet shares (ENS-238)
  • Added wallet account retrieval (ENS-270)
  • Added transaction status retrieval (ENS-230)
  • Implemented waiting for transaction status updates (ENS-231)
  • Implemented wallet chain getter and setter (ENS-271)
  • Provided notifications for incoming cryptocurrency transactions from SDK powered wallets (ENS-282)

Developer portal

  • Added the developer portal documentation pages (ENS-227)

Known Issues


  1. Wallet-Account Limitation (ENS-273):

    Please note that the current version of the wallet only supports a single account. Consequently, even if you attempt to modify the accountAlias name using the AccountNamespace.get() method, it will continue to return the same account under the given alias. We appreciate your patience as we work to expand this functionality in future releases.

  2. Custom End User Base Support (ENS-356):

    Currently, the end user base is managed exclusively by Eniblock services. We understand the need for customization and are actively developing support for custom end user base management. Please stay tuned for updates in upcoming releases.

    end user base
  3. User-Wallet Association (ENS-278):

    In the current version, there is no functionality to link a user with the wallet they create. This feature is under development and will be included in a future release.

  4. Cryptocurrency Support:

    At present, our platform only supports transactions using MATIC cryptocurrency. We are excited to announce that we are actively working on extending our platform's capabilities to include additional cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned for more updates in our upcoming releases!

Developer portal

  1. User Authentication (ENS-315):

    The current version of the software does not support login and logout functionality. As a result, access to the live editor is not yet restricted to signed-in users. We are working diligently to implement this feature in the upcoming releases.

What's next


  • Custom End User Base Support (ENS-356)
  • User-Wallet Association (ENS-278)
  • API access authorization (ENS-289)
  • Wallet retrieval functionality (ENS-267)
  • Accounts derivation (ENS-273)
  • Publish NPM packages (ENS-229)

Developer portal

  • Beta program subscription functionality (ENS-226)
  • User Authentication (ENS-315)