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WIP Get notified of Incoming Cryptocurrency Transactions

This section of the documentation focuses on the process of getting notified of incoming cryptocurrency transactions for wallets based on Eniblock and other technologies. Implementing this feature will allow your application to monitor transactions and provide users with real-time updates.



Method 1: Eniblock Wallet as the Source

Use the Eniblock SDK to subscribe to transaction updates for the wallet address you want to monitor. This can be achieved using the transaction events provided by the SDK. For example:

Subscribe to Transaction Updates

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Method 2: Wallet Based on Other Technology

Poll the Wallet for Transactions

Some wallet technologies may not provide real-time transaction updates. In such cases, you can periodically poll the wallet's API or SDK to fetch recent transactions. Implement a function to check for new transactions at a regular interval (e.g., every minute):

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API References

  1. Eniblock class
  2. ...