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Experience It Yourself: Interacting with Self Custody Wallets

This interactive demonstration illuminates the simplicity with which an end-user can interact with a Self Custody Wallet. Embark on the following scenario:

  1. Indulge in a Fragrance Purchase at a Beauty Store

    • Each purchase you make is paired with a unique QR code, provided on the receipt or embedded in the packaging. This QR code not only stands as an exclusive proof of purchase but also as a key to a memorable brand experience.
  2. Unlock the Story with a Simple Scan

    • Scanning the QR code transports you to a personalized webpage where the brand extends its gratitude for your patronage. As a token of appreciation, you are rewarded with exclusive experiences tailor-made for loyal customers like you.
  3. Step into the Experience

    • You are seamlessly redirected to the brand's interactive portal. Existing users can log in while new users can create an account using their preferred social identity provider - all it takes is a single click.
    • Important: This demonstration is designed to engage registered users only.
    • Once you authenticate your presence:
      • A unique wallet springs to life and finds a secure place in your phone.
      • An inaugural Non-Fungible Token (NFT), intimately tied to your purchase, comes into being.
      • The doorway to your first brand experience, a special discount, gets unlocked.
  4. Venture into Further Experiences by Scanning More QR Codes

    • Cast your vote to shape the presentation of the next perfume launch
    • Win an exclusive message that you can resell
    • Secure access to a fascinating Metaverse

Remember, all these interactions and data transactions occur on-chain. This means you can leverage the potential of wallets without storing any personal information in your systems.

Token 1Token 2
Claim the NFT 1Claim the NFT 2
Token 3Token 4
Claim the NFT 3Claim the NFT 4
Token 5
Claim the NFT 5

Are you ready to dive into this immersive experience? Either scan one of the QR codes or click on the links to begin your journey!