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Overall Architecture

The following diagram depicts the technical components and workflow involved in the creation of a wallet.

  1. Login (responsibility of the application creator): Your customer accesses your decentralized application (your dApp) and "Log in" or "Sign up" using your Identity Provider - cf. Setup tutorial.
  2. Instantiate a wallet (responsibility of the application creator): At a suitable moment, such as during the login process, before minting or making a purchase, you instantiate the wallet with the SDK - cf. Instantiate Wallet tutorial.
  3. Check identity (responsibility of Eniblock): Eniblock services verify the identity of the end-user based on the authentication performed by your IDP
  4. Distributed Key Generation (responsibility of Eniblock): the wallet, including its secret shares, is generated specifically for the customer.
  5. Store secret share (responsibility of the application creator): You have to secure the wallet by saving the customer's secret share on their preferred cloud storage platform, safeguarding their assets - cf. Store and Retrieve a Wallet tutorial.

For more detailed information on Eniblock's key management infrastructure and security measures, please refer to Security and Compliance.